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Woven Bark Knife Sheaths // Fredag

All levels - English - 2,5 hours - 12 spots

In this workshop we will make 1-2 knife woven sheaths with birch bark which has qualities similar to leather. This class will give you all you need to repeat this simple technique at home. In addition we will also explore alternative materials that can be used for weaving sheaths. Additional materials will be available for purchase.

What to bring as participant?
A knife or Pair of scissors with a blade no longer that 9 cm.

60 NOK per sheath

Woven Bark Knife Sheaths // Fredag

  • Raleigh Klotzek (she/her) is a versatile craftswoman working across multiple mediums, including Green Woodwork, Broom & Brush Making, and Jewelry & Bead work. Raleigh's expertise spans a rich tapestry of artistic & traditional craft traditions. Her dedication to learning is not merely personal; it's a mission to keep the flame of traditional craftsmanship alive.

    Raleigh's journey has taken her across local and international landscapes, where she actively sought mentors and instructors to deepen her understanding of her crafts.

    In a recent chapter of her life, Raleigh, along with her husband Oliver, has embraced the serene beauty of the Swedish countryside. Here, they open their home to host workshops throughout the year, sharing their wealth of knowledge and skills. Notably, Raleigh plays a pivotal role in organizing the Von Hand Festival.

    As an instructor, Raleigh brings her considerable skills to the forefront, creating an atmosphere of warmth and enjoyment in the learning process. Her belief that everyone possesses the innate ability to explore a life of creativity resonates in her teaching approach, making her workshops both accessible and delightful for all who seek to embark on their creative journeys.

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