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Forging turning hooktools // Torsdag

Intermediate - English - 7 hours - 6 spots

If you have just begun or are deep in your experience of Pole Lathe Bowl Turning then forging your own tools in an organic next step. Forging the necessary tools is a relatively simple process that most experienced turners end up doing regularly as they need new tools. When you know how to forge hook tools you are then more easily able to customize tools for the job you need them for. During this class students will learn to forge one hook tool for Pole Lathe Bowl Turning. We will bring the forge, the anvil, the tools, and all other materials & machines needed to forge turning hooks.

What to bring as participant?
Nothing required

Material cost:

320 NOK

Forging turning hooktools // Torsdag

  • Oliver Klotzek (he/him), a passionate green-woodworker with over seven years of dedicated experience, has taught across mainland Europe, the UK, and the United States. His journey in woodworking has been marked by a commitment to continuous improvement and the acquisition of diverse techniques.

    Specializing primarily in turning on a pole lathe, Oliver crafts bowls, plates, boxes and cups. His experience of this traditional method reflects not only technical prowess but also a deep appreciation for the heritage of the craft. Beyond woodwork, Oliver has delved into the realm of tool making & blacksmithing, broadening his skill set and demonstrating a keen interest in exploring the synergies between different materials.

    In recent years, Oliver has taken on the role of a mentor, sharing his knowledge and expertise with others who aspire to embark on their own woodworking journey. His instructional focus extends to guiding enthusiasts in the creation of their own tools for turning on a pole lathe, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency from beginning to end.

    Driven by a desire to ignite passion for traditional craftsmanship, Oliver seeks to convey the intrinsic value of creating objects with one's hands using simple yet time-honored techniques. Through his work and teachings, he aims to inspire a broader audience to appreciate the beauty and fulfillment found in the artistry of traditional crafts.

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